The Android from Google is one of the best and highly in demand product these days. With the entry of a lot of smart devices in the mobile marketplace, the Android is getting more and more popular nowadays. As the Android performs superbly in the marketplace, an Android developer could open a whole new world of possibilities for clients. Android development has started ruling the smart device marketplace. The expansion of the device is exceptional, with over 16 points hike within just 90 days. No other smart phone has such expansion in such a short time. Since it is an open source, people need not have to shell out authorization fees for developing it. As a developer, you can put your apps on the marketplace where majority of the application download takes rest. The device has a massive group of programmers. As a popular open source development, you could capture boons from this big group.

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    As a developer, Android development has given me a chance to build highly interactive applications.


    May 2013